Lesniewski book draft

Finally, I have finished drafting and proofreading a book about Lesniewski's systems. To some extent it is based on my PhD thesis, but it has gone through major revisions and around 1/3 of it is new material. Anyway, if you feel like accessing the draft in exchange for a promise to let me know what you think by June 2012, please get in touch.
Synopsis. Stanisław  Leśniewski (1886--1939), a Polish logician, a representative of the Lvov-Warsaw school and Alfred Tarski's PhD supervisor, developed his philosophically (and nominalistically) motivated foundations of mathematics as an alternative to the system of Principia Mathematica. He constructed three systems: a generalized propositional calculus called Protothetic, his own (higher-order) logic of predication dubbed Ontology,  and a theory of parthood known as Mereology. This books presents, explicates and critically discusses Leśniewski's work and some more recent developments stemming from it. In contrast to the technical literature of the subject, this book is accessible to philosophy students with basic logic training.